At Chase Belgrave we believe that planning for retirement is one of the most important things you will ever do. You spend a lifetime working hard so that when the time comes to retire you should be in a position to enjoy the later years of your life.

As an expat you will have a greater number of retirement options available to you, including alternative pensions and a host of potential tax benefits in inheritance planning. Detailed retirement planning is integral to any well thought out financial plan, remember it’s not just your future you’re thinking about; it’s also your family and dependents. For that reason proper planning is essential. By minimising your tax liabilities where possible you can ensure that you will have the right amount of money to enjoy a comfortable retirement but also that you leave behind exactly the amount you want to and to whom.

Without correct financial planning you may find that you have the wrong pension, your estate could be subject to large Inheritance Tax charges or the money you leave may not even go to the people you want it to.

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