Financial Planning Review

Step One

The first step is to contact Chase Belgrave for an appointment for a financial review. Your financial consultant will contact you by email to confirm the appointment and let you know about any preparation you should do before the call. This usually involves things like knowing your monthly expenditure or the current value of your pension plan. Don’t worry if you don’t have the information to hand, we can help you through the process.

Step Two

The review will usually be conducted over the phone and should take around 30 minutes. Your financial consultant will spend some time getting to know you to gain a clear understanding of your individual circumstances, financial situation and future goals. They’ll construct a picture of your financial life before breaking down and analysing various savings, investments, insurances and retirement provisions you may have. Part of getting to know you will also involve a discussion of financial priorities, risk profile and where you might live or retire to in the future.

Step Three

Then, your consultant will research the solutions needed to help meet your financial goals. If more than one strategy is required for a number of goals, your consultant will make sure they work together and are in tune with your priorities. They will then compile a comprehensive report including details of the benefits, risks and charges associated with each solution. Because they are independent, they have access to a range of products from any provider, allowing them to choose ones that best reflect your needs – based on performance, quality and suitability.

Step Four

You will receive the report by email, along with a second appointment with your consultant to work through the report together. When you’re happy with the solution, we’ll send you a few forms which we can help you to complete over the phone as well. When your financial strategy is put in place, the Chase Belgrave Wealth Management team will continue to monitor the solutions and conduct further reviews, usually on an annual basis. You’ll be able to pick up the phone to your consultant at any time, for further questions.

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